C series for 1st sem students: main()

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Lets now discuss about the ‘function’ part in main() function. As the semester has just started, you may not have been introduced to the concept of functions in programming. In layman terms, a function is a block of code which performs a certain operation. This concept of grouping specific codes to perform some task dates back to early days of development of programming.

jinsoft-windows update

Disable windows update (with screenshots)

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In a country like India, where people are still getting limited data over mobile networks, sudden expense of a lot of data(sometimes in GBs) could hamper their day to day work schedule(or otherwise). They should be able to turn off updates while connected on mobile networks and get updates done only using high speed broadband connections.


Freelancing Beginners: Web Design Part 3: Application Programming Interface (API)

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In the most basic of terms, its the interpreter between two blocks of codes(programs/libraries/modules). For our discussion let us consider both the individual blocks of codes be two separate programs. The API hides or abstracts the individual programming logic/code from each other. So one program never knows the implementation of logic of the other.