where to watch game of thrones

Where to watch Game of Thrones – Smart Indian way

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Although torrentz site is officially dead, the individual sites like piratebay, kickass and rarbg are available via proxies on ever changing domain names. Once you get access to those sites, you can simply search for game of thrones and download the torrent file or magnet link and use any torrent client applications, which are not banned by ISPs yet, to download the episode. Note, in certain campuses like colleges or offices, torrent network may be banned altogether. Then just download any torrent client mobile app on your smart phone and download the episode there.

gutenberg sucks

Gutenberg Sucks!!! How to get back Classic Editor in WordPress 5

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If you have been working on wordpress websites for personal or professional reasons, lately you might have become frustrated with the new wordpress update to version 5.x and the sole reason is Gutenberg sucks!!! But don’t lose faith in the wordpress eco-system yet. The wordpress community is still supporting the old classic editor that we all love. Let me tell you how to get back Classic Editor in Wordpress 5.


Learning Maths using simulations made with Javascript

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A few days ago I saw a video on SmarterEveryday, a youtube channel which makes science related videos. That video illustrates how we can understand Fourier Series with the help of animations of sinusoidal waves. The original creator made the animations using a different software/language. But I thought I can make it in javascript and run it on a browser, and host it in my website.

C file operations

C series for 1st sem students: File System Manipulation

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Today we are going to discuss FILE SYSTEM operations using the C language. Till now we have worked with the RAM for storing our variables and our data. But the RAM is not persistent. We need to store data permanently. So we store them in permanent memory like hard disks or CDs/DVDs, in files. Different types of data are stored in different type of files, but for our purposes we’ll work with text files in windows system which have an extension of ‘.txt‘.

union enum

C series for 1st sem students: Lesser taught constructs, Unions & Enums

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Today we’re going to discuss two topics which are rarely taught in a C programming college course, Unions & Enums. One may justify that by saying they are not absolutely necessary for basic knowledge in programming, or that these topics are rarely asked in interviews. But if you become a professional C developer, you’ll have extensive use of them. These are particularly useful in low level programming, like with embedded systems and robotics.