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Disable windows update (with screenshots)

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In a country like India, where people are still getting limited data over mobile networks, sudden expense of a lot of data(sometimes in GBs) could hamper their day to day work schedule(or otherwise). They should be able to turn off updates while connected on mobile networks and get updates done only using high speed broadband connections.


Freelancing Beginners: Web Design Part 3: Application Programming Interface (API)

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In the most basic of terms, its the interpreter between two blocks of codes(programs/libraries/modules). For our discussion let us consider both the individual blocks of codes be two separate programs. The API hides or abstracts the individual programming logic/code from each other. So one program never knows the implementation of logic of the other. 

joomla to wordpress

How to migrate your blog from Joomla to WordPress

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WordPress has become the most popular CMS for blog websites. Around 30% of websites are on wordpress at present. This is because of the huge number of themes and plugins(mostly free) available in wordpress and the huge developer community around wordpress. This popularity of wordpress over other CMS systems forces website owners to migrate from other […]

Tackle PHP ZipArchive error while using Duplicator wordpress plugin. (GoDaddy shared hosting)

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Recently while transferring a client’s website from my development server to his Godaddy shared hosting server using the awesome wordpress plugin “Duplicator” I encountered the PHP ZipArchive error. I searched through the internet, reading through forums and blogs and was finally able to solve it. So I wanted to share my experience and provide you the complete solution in one single blog.