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Disable windows update (with screenshots) in windows 10

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Windows 10 is awesome. After a big disappointment with windows 8, we were relived to get windows 10. But even this OS can be a pain in the ass sometimes. One particular problem is automatic updates of windows. In windows 7, we could turn off automatic updates in the basic updates settings, but we cannot disable windows update in basic settings in windows 10.

jinsoft- disable windows update


jinsoft- disable windows update


Its not even present in the advanced settings

jinsoft - disable windows update




Why bother turning off updates:

In a country like India, where people are still getting limited data over mobile networks, a sudden expense of a lot of data(sometimes in GBs) could hamper their day to day work schedule. They should be able to turn off updates while connected on mobile networks and get updates done only using high speed broadband connections. It is also very annoying when people ask for your wifi to connect their PCs and gobble up your data(unknowingly) by updating windows. Trust me, I’ve been there!



So how to disable windows update in windows 10?

Windows update runs as a service. To turn it off, we can do so in ‘services‘ settings. To be completely sure, better disable the ‘Windows Update‘ service altogether.

In the toolbar search area type ‘administrative tools’

jinsoft- disable windows update


Then double click on ‘services‘.disable windows update


Scroll down to find ‘Windows Update‘ and double click.

jinsoft- disable windows update

You can change the service status to stop. But its better to change the Startup type from Manual to Disabled.

And when you connect to a broadband network(office, university etc.) re-enable it and update windows. Its highly recommended to keep your OS updated, but you should have complete control on when to update it.





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