Importance of DBMS in web design

Freelancing Beginners: Web Design Part 2: Importance of DBMS in web design

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The question that comes to the mind of every student (atleast non Com-Sci students) when they first study DBMS is “how useful will it be in real life?”. This is because query language is not as sexy as real coding languages, and the whole “table” creation/management sounds so boring. So today we will analyze the importance of DBMS in web design.


What is DBMS:

DBMS stands for DataBase Management System. It is a technique of separating data from business logic in application softwares. Database management systems are important to businesses and organizations because they provide a highly efficient method for handling multiple types of data, without interfering with the application’s code.

Data is entered into the system and accessed on a routine basis by assigned users. Each user may have an assigned password to gain access to their part of the system. Multiple users can use the system at the same time in different ways.


Importance of DBMS in web design:

Websites may be classified into two types: Static and Dynamic. Static websites are those which only displays information(text/pictures etc.) on the webpages but doesn’t let visitors interact with it. Dynamic websites allow interaction with the user, this is where Databases come in handy. User information(accounts/passwords) are stored in a database, so that relevant content can be displayed to every user. User may filter what information he/she wants to see. And e-commerce is impossible without databases!!!!


How much should you learn:

As a beginner, you need to have a basic understanding of the database management “system” and should be comfortable with the basic SQL commands. If you are using a server side language, learn how to interact with the database using that coding language. You may need to create classes and objects for tables in the database. But you can get most of these things ready-made with platforms like wordpress, magento, etc., still you may have to create users and databases in the hosting server yourself(godaddy/bigrock etc.). Learn to copy and back up databases from the server and a few tricks to debug any database related errors.


Where can you learn DBMS:

If your curriculum doesn’t include DBMS, there are tons of resources on the internet. Many youtube channels provide beginner level free courses which are sufficient for you to start freelancing in web design/development.

If you want me to provide links of content I used to learn DBMS comment below.


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