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When to start freelancing (in Guwahati)

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Recently there has been a huge number of initiatives taken by the central and state governments to digitize India, like the recent push in online transactions or free wifi facilities in certain public places. And with free 4G by reliance Jio, and cheap internet-pack offers by other competitors, more and more people in Guwahati are starting to use the internet on a regular basis. So small businesses and new start-ups are getting eager to exhibit themselves in the internet through websites or mobile apps.

These small businesses don’t have the budget to hire a big web design company for their websites or mobile apps. So they opt for freelancers. Now this market in Guwahati is growing and there are not enough freelancers. So boot up your computers and start coding!!!

You can learn to code at any age, but if you are studying any course related to programming in your college, it is the perfect time to dive into web/app development. A knowledge of programming languages like C, C++ or Java will be highly beneficial.


Things you need to know for web design/development:

  1. HTML
  2. CSS
  4. Any server side language(PHP/C#/JAVA/PYTHON etc)
  5. MySQL(or any other DBMS)
  6. Buying domain and hosting, setting up server, creating email accounts etc.
  7. A CMS platform(WordPress/Joomla/Drupal/Magento etc)
  8. MVC framework(Laravel/codeigniter for PHP)
  9. A bit about ecommerce(payment gateway/sms service etc)

Note: To start practicing PHP based dynamic websites, you should install a server software like WAMP or XAMPP server on windows PC.

For Mobile apps, learn JAVA and XML in Android Studio IDE for android, C# for windows phone and Swift for iOS.

But just learning to code won’t get you projects. For that you’ll need to approach these small businesses or create a brand-name for yourself. The first place to start looking for projects is a freelancing website, like or upwork. Also try to make friendly relations with other developers and graphic designers in town. Teaming up with a good graphic designer will be ideal, or else you’ll have to learn photoshop as well. Starting this process right from college will help you a lot because some of your seniors might be in this business and they might guide you on this.

So if you are sitting at your table in your hostel room, getting all frustrated reading that ‘Lets us C’ book, remember this might be the start of an amazing career where you can be your own boss, work whenever/wherever you want and still make good money.


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