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Where to watch Game of Thrones – Smart Indian way

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Since the last season of game of thrones aired, a lot has changed in India. 4G internet and specially JIO took India by storm and streaming became a common thing to the people. Together with ban on most of the torrent sites worldwide and ISPs all over India, people stopped downloading things via torrent and started streaming on free and paid platforms (Netflix and such). Some platforms are offering free access for a month or two to gain more viewership. Thus people have been moving away from torrents. But do you have to subscribe to HBO to watch the final season of Game of thrones? Short answer: No. Long answer: Let me tell you where to watch game of thrones season 8.


Where to watch game of thrones season 8:

where to watch game of thronesAlthough torrentz site is officially dead, the individual sites like piratebay, kickass and rarbg are available via proxies on ever changing domain names. Once you get access to those sites, you can simply search for game of thrones and download the torrent file or magnet link and use any torrent client applications, which are not banned by ISPs yet, to download the episode. Note, in certain campuses like colleges or offices, torrent network may be banned altogether. Then just download any torrent client mobile app on your smart phone and download the episode there.

How to get game of thrones torrent file:

where to watch GoT

Even some proxy sites are banned by ISPs in India. So the quickest approach is to use the Tor browser. The Tor browser works on the TOR network which serves as a VPN. So your computer is not directed connected to these banned sites, but routes through other computers on the network, which may be in different parts of  the world. So the ISPs cannot block your connection. Just search for your favorite torrent site’s proxy in Duck duck go and download the torrent files. Enjoy!!!