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Gutenberg Sucks!!! How to get back Classic Editor in WordPress 5

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]If you have been working on wordpress websites for personal or professional reasons, lately you might have become frustrated with the new wordpress update to version 5.x and the sole reason is Gutenberg sucks!!! But don’t lose faith in the wordpress eco-system yet. The wordpress community is still supporting the old classic editor that we all love. Let me tell you how to get back Classic Editor in WordPress 5.


Why Gutenberg sucks!!!

The old classic editor had a clean writing area similar to Microsoft Word, while the Gutenberg editor has blocks for paragraphs, images, videos, headings, and plugins. Most bloggers are used to the simple editor and had been working on it for years. This new block builder confuses them.

For people with more technical knowledge, there were block based editors in the past that they have been using with certain themes. But the Gutenberg editor doesn’t exactly match those editors, and those editors shows bugs when used together with Gutenberg.

From early reports, users have encountered random bugs while working in Gutenberg editor. The Gutenberg plugin has a poor 2.3 out of 5 rating. It will take developers quite some time to fix all bugs and enhance the user experience. Till then, let me show you how to disable Gutenberg in WordPress 5 and switch back to the Classic Editor.


How to get back Classic Editor in WordPress 5.x

The classic editor is now provided as a plugin by WordPress contributors. Just navigate to plugins>Add new and search for classic editor.

gutenberg sucks 

Just install and activate it. Then go to Settings > Writing to optimize the Classic Editor settings.