What is Assam lacking in IT?

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At first I was of the opinion that most people in Assam are using internet only for facebook and whatsapp, but recently discovered people in the big towns/cities are using the internet to the fullest. They shop things online, use navigation to travel, tinder and such apps to date, youtube to watch all kinds of cool stuff and also read blogs to keep themselves updated.

But still, something is missing. Businesses generally don’t rely on the internet to sell products/services. There are only a few e-commerce websites. Even big businesses don’t have websites or don’t update existing websites. There are only a handful of bloggers. And the number of mobile apps is even less. There are only a handful of software companies in Guwahati and those that are doing good have branches in other cities/countries. Even govt. run organisations are lacking expertise in IT. You can buy things from flipkart, book movie tickets from bookmyshow, book flight tickets from yatra, book a cab from ola and book hotel from oyo, but are those services available in Assamese run businesses?

Yes its true that Assamese people have contributed immensely in the IT world, take the example of SuperX !!!! There are rumours that a directorate of IT is being formed and also an IT park will be set up in Mirza.

Still I think there is a long way for us to go into the heart of IT world. With the new government and their promised schemes I hope Guwahati will find itself being one of the leading cities in India in terms of IT.

What do you think about the IT scenario in Assam/Guwahati. Share your views in the comments below.