Putting a React Draft WYSIWYG Editor in your MERN application

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Recently I’ve been working on an online news portal being rebuilt with the MERN stack. One of the critical requirements is a WYSIWYG editor (like one present in wordpress), that is fully compatible with react and the MERN stack. One of the more popular wysiwyg editor, the CKEditor is built to work on php applications, so I had to look for something that would be perfect for the MERN stack. Upon searching I came across a library called React Draft WYSIWYG.


Learning Maths using simulations made with Javascript

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A few days ago I saw a video on SmarterEveryday, a youtube channel which makes science related videos. That video illustrates how we can understand Fourier Series with the help of animations of sinusoidal waves. The original creator made the animations using a different software/language. But I thought I can make it in javascript and run it on a browser, and host it in my website.